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Every day, millions of people get to visit a new city or even rediscover a familiar place, like their own neighborhood. No matter where you go, just go Eliza! The platform where locals earn money creating cool experiences for visitors.

Cognitive, Immersive, Location-Aware


Eliza offers an extraordinary opportunity to create a unique and captivating visitor experience so any content creator, what we call our Bruers, can upload their experiences for our Trippers. Eliza can be fully customized to offer a more perceptive and natural user interface that combines location awareness, media-rich content and cutting-edge AI technology. It will give Eliza Bruers, the power to build a dynamic and interactive environment that will engage visitors in a way they have not experienced anywhere else. Eliza is a highly customisable platform which combines IBM cognitive technology, location awareness, e-commerce, augmented reality and machine learning, to give unprecedented control and insight into the visitors’ experiences. Eliza offers anyone an extraordinary opportunity to create a unique and captivating experience of any kind so they can monetize it. Eliza can be fully customized to offer a more perceptive and natural user interface that combines location awareness, media-rich content and cutting-edge AI technology.

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Digital tourism platform

Eliza is a platform as a service, embracing public-private-partnership cooperative agreements, collaborative content management, third-party developers with API support, extensibility and more, that is continuously updated, keeping you at the forefront of digital tourism innovation.


In today’s world, great data is the cornerstone of great business and few datastreams can match the rich, multidimensional analytics provided by Eliza. Eliza is constantly recording anonymised information about each guest, such as their location, mood, spending, interactions…. This has numerous applications, such as:

Identify systemic problems

Poor signposting towards facilities.

Detect Opportunities

Find the best place to position vending machines

Profile visitors

Find out how different kinds of visitors experience different sites and activities.

Create Heat maps

Visualise how people move through or dwell in various areas.

User Experience

Interactive Kiosks
Need to expand Eliza’s functionality at a particular site? No problem. Eliza is configured to interact with touch-screen kiosks which can be used to deliver content, trigger services or even perform tasks such as dispensing sun-cream or making reservations.
Push Notifications
Eliza sends users push notifications with useful information, content and offers which can be triggered by location, mood, time of day or any number of other conditions, ensuring a real-time, rewarding experience.
Smart Assistant
With constant access to IBM’s Watson, Eliza can act as a handheld assistant that is able to understand and respond to natural language questions that can be typed or spoken.
Interactive Map
Eliza’s interactive map features mean that visitors can easily and conveniently pre-explore a site, get real-time information, and make the best decisions about what they want to see and do – leaving no stone unturned.


AI Technology and Beacons
Why riffle through pamphlets for information about the Mona Lisa, when you can simply point your phone at her, ask her yourself and receive an instant curated IBM Watson reply.
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Eliza knows where your guests are, what they’re doing and how they’re feeling. This gives you the ability to flag and keep track of potentially dangerous situations when your guests are somewhere unsafe or are acting strangely.
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Few things cut across cultural and age barriers more than play. With Eliza’s suite of location and multi-media features, you can turn any ordinary experience into an engaging game played for fun, points or prizes. Turn a sightseeing tour into a treasure hunt, or a museum visit into a fun popquiz that lets you compete against your friends.
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Eliza empowers your guests to overcome language barriers, aural and visual disabilities or help them find access points for wheelchairs. It can also recommend experiences based on a user’s personal needs and abilities, making the environment you curate much friendlier and inclusive for all your guests.
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Immersive experience
Eliza’s augmented reality features create incredible opportunities to make every visitor experience more immersive through rich, location-activated media.
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Thanks to its real-time location and mood-detecting features, Eliza gives you timely information about where your guests are and how they’re behaving, enabling you to make suggestions in real time to direct crowd-flow efficiently around your destination – reducing visitor frustration and bottlenecks.
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Over time, as technology and hospitality standards improve, people will come to expect more from their visit. But until that time, the advantage will lie with early adopters while the rest of the world catches up. Eliza could be the next big draw for your destination.
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Your visitors’ mood can be detected and monitored in real time, by IBM’s Watson, which constantly runs in the background. Eliza gives you unprecedented insight into whether they’re having a good time or not. – Even if they haven’t given you that feedback themselves. This allows for immediate corrective measures and long term refinement of your system. Next time your guests experience an unfortunate delay or unforeseen issue, you can defuse the situation immediately by offering them a free coffee through Eliza, and apologising in real time for the inconvenience.
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Eliza facilitates easy, in-app purchases which can be triggered when you choose, based on time of day, your guests’ physical location, how they feel or what they’re doing. For example, if Eliza detects that a guest has an active lifestyle, they could be automatically offered deals on active-sports excursions; if they are tired, you could offer a deal on a spa day; if it’s lunchtime, recommend some local food outlets in the area based on TripAdvisor reviews.
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Case Studies

Major museums and cultural institutions are leveraging Eliza's services. Find out how they're improving the visitor experience at their venues.
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