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Voucher and eWallet platform

Boost your business and economy with Eliza E-Wallet

Our Solution

A complete secure solution to issue vouchers and credits securely, provide immediate payouts on a secure trusted platform, complete with reporting, auditability, robust infrastructure and a 24/7 support team.

Create incentives to stimulate business and loyalty

The platform allows you to create dynamic incentives which can be redeemed via paper vouchers, e-vouchers or digital currency on the Eliza eWallet platform. Build loyalty with Eliza e-Wallet to encourage repeat customers.

Use Eliza E-Wallet Technology to handle business transactions

Eliza eWallet can handle thousands on concurrent transactions securely. Businesses have an easy to use interface to quickly and easily claim vouchers supported by latest cryptographic and blockchain security best practice implementations.

Generate more business and stimulate recurring customers

Users with incentives have shown that they are more likely to spend more than the allocated incentive, and generate more recurring business. Businesses are also immediately paid out the claimed incentives.

Eliza E-Wallet features

Custom rules for your incentive

Eliza eWallet allows businesses to set custom rules for granting incentives.  Incentivise patrons for frequent buying, for minimum spend, for specific weekday spending and more.

Payment Gateways Integration

The Eliza eWallet supports multiple payment gateways and cards such as Visa, MasterCard, Amex, and more. 

QR and Receipt Scanning

The app allows businesses to easily scan QR codes to claim incentives and Receipts.


Gamification & Experiences
PWA Mobile App
Business Analytics
Workflow Authoring Tool

MIMCOL Vouchers App

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Security comes first

Blockchain Technology

To ensure security and auditability, the platform uses blockchain technology based on the IBM supported Blockchain platform, HyperLedger.

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